Thursday :: Oct 25, 2007

More Of The Same

by Steve

We know that Rudy has surrounded himself with the same knuckle dragging morons who were wrong about Iraq and the war against terrorists. We know that Rudy is already saying stupid things in channeling his inner Mussolini. And Rudy is not alone: the Mittster is saying stupid things as well.

We know that the public has had enough of the Bush/neocon foreign policy and wants a change. Yet we also know that Rudy and the twerps will fight this campaign on fear and taxes, in other words, more of the same.

Since Hillary is already running the general election campaign and has positioned herself hawkishly on national security, why not start hammering the message over and over again that if you want more of the same mistakes, wars, death, fear, debt, and isolation from the rest of the world, then Rudy is your guy. Paint the GOP as the party of “more of the same.” Push Rudy and the rest of them into a corner, make them play defense and make them call you names.

And when Rudy gets rough, simply tell the voters that if you want Osama to run free another four years, and if you want to be left unprotected just like the Fire Department of New York was, then Rudy is your guy.

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