Thursday :: Oct 25, 2007

It's Their Funeral

by Steve

You knew this was going to happen: the party that doesn’t want a debate on Iraq now wants to delay a new SCHIP bill from coming to the floor in the House using any trick they can. OK fine, if Heather Wilson and others in the GOP caucus want to stall the vote on the next bill until next week so that they have the time to figure out how to vote against it or amend it into oblivion, then let them have a couple of days and do this Tuesday or Wednesday. And use that time to prepare your Democratic talking points against the GOP’s knuckle draggers and amendments, hammering them every day until next week’s vote on how the GOP can rubber stamp $2 trillion for Iraq without debate, yet demand a debate to kill $35 billion more on kids here at home.

If the GOP wants more time, the Democrats should give it to them and make wise use of that time themselves.

Update: Nancy and Steny went ahead with the vote today and passed the bill by a large margin but still short of a two-thirds veto-proof margin. The bill will now go to the Senate and be passed, and then on to a White House veto, whereupon the House Republicans will once again have a choice to make: support the president or support the kids.

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