Friday :: Oct 26, 2007

Two Mental Midgets

by Steve

Before the media stamps John McCain as a comeback kid or Mike Huckabee as a serious candidate for the GOP nomination and the presidency, can they at least take a close look at how unserious each of them are when it comes to dealing with the uninsured and Social Security in this country? At an Iowa AARP forum yesterday where McCain and Huckabee were the only two GOP candidates who bothered to show up, both of them proved to be lightweights unworthy of consideration for the presidency.

Speaking at the Divided We Fail forum Thursday evening, Mike Huckabee and John McCain, the only two of seven Republican candidates to show up, agreed the federal government should steer clear of nationalized health care.
Instead, they recommended incentives and preventative measures to lower the spiraling cost of health care.

And how does that immediately deal with the 46 million uninsured Americans who can't afford or don't want insurance, yet are burdening the system and particularly hospital emergency rooms?

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee noted Americans typically spend 85 percent of their health care costs in the last 18 months of life. The quality of health care is not the issue, he said.

That will come as news to many experts in the country.

“We don’t have a health-care crisis in America, we have a health crisis,” he said.

And this guy is running for president. Yet for McCain, he also agrees that covering more people isn't as important as making people healthier, showing that both of them have no understanding of current health care economics in this country, nor have either of them visited a hospital ER in any major city.

And neither of them have any specifics on how to deal with Social Security.

It also shows how out of touch both of them are with the real world and real people. Huckabee can almost get a pass here because he is a novice on the national stage, yet Bill Clinton had an infinitely better grasp of complex issues when he was running in 1992 than Huckabee does now. As for McCain, he has no such excuse for being as dumb as a post or isolated from the real world, given how long he has been in Washington and on the national stage. He gets away with it because the media swallows his war stories without holding him accountable for being an elitist who really doesn't care about everyday Americans.

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