Friday :: Oct 26, 2007

Putin Gives Bush The Finger Again

by Steve

Putin says our installation of Star Wars near his borders is similar to the Cuban missile crisis. He's not accurate, of course, because the Soviets were installing offensive weapons that could strike most of America on Cuban soil 90 miles from the United States, whereas Bush wants to install a defensive system very close to Russia's borders aimed at knocking down missile threats from Asia, Iran, and yes, Russia.

But Putin isn't trying for rhetorical accuracy here. His comment, especially after his smackdown yesterday of Bush's sanctions against Iran and Iran's reaction reflect a dismissal of Bush's leadership and initiatives across the board, and a willingness to put Bush and Condi on the deep freeze until they leave office, a vacuum that others will take advantage of. Despite claims to the contrary by the administration about the true intent of the sanctions, the strategic overstep by Cheney in his headlong push for war and Bush's willingness to go along has rendered them now unable to forge a consensus on Iran, just one more gross mistake by the so-called foreign policy A-team.

Perhaps Putin is also indicating that the United States could launch a preemptive attack against anyone in the region, and use Star Wars (assuming it worked) to then snuff out a counterattack. And if he really believes that America is now capable of such a scenario, then Bush and Cheney have managed to send us back by design to the days of Cold War mistrust.

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