Saturday :: Oct 27, 2007

The Issue is Fighting Bush

by paradox

Although disappointed in her character and horribly convoluted embrace of liberalism there is one element to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy I am truly looking forward to: she will take on a fight to win the presidency in 2008.

Carville’s Speed Killed Bush they silk-screened on 100% cotton in 1992, giddy with a win over the incumbent. There was new speed in the Clinton campaign, of course, but it wouldn’t have meant a damn thing if the political messaging and fast jabs were devoid of real substance. Bill Clinton and James Carville hit not only fast, they hit hard with issues Americans really cared about.

In their way they earned real trust and respect with that, completely aside from their alleged political embrace of liberalism. Far as I can tell, this is the only real reason Hillary has garnered such huge initial support, Democrats know damn well Bill and James are right there in the background with the experience and fortitude to fight and beat Republicans.

Hillary is of course a Clinton and female, and given the ranting berserk behavior of the Right this year odds are extremely good that with Bill and James behind her Hillary is going to make the Republicans tilt, so lurid and extreme in their foaming defense of the indefensible of course the rest of the country still with any sanity left will vote for her.

Americans know fighting the Republicans is the issue, but Barack Obama does not, so his stance of “mature” aloofness has delivered almost nothing. It’s remarkable, really, Hillary has been deliberately distanced from the liberal base this year, Bill and James know no matter what’s in the news it’s still an off year, not even Halloween yet, the fight is in 2008, but the level of confidence in her campaign remains extremely high.

John Edwards has run a campaign of appealing economic populism but never an embrace of the fight against anything real implemented by Bush: no promise to repeal all the tax cuts, nothing on instantly stopping the war to withdraw all Americans from Iraq, FISA, Blackwater, war corruption…until Edwards shows he can fight Bush and Cheney directly head-on in ways that hurt them he too will go nowhere.

The Democratic base is still trying to accept Reid and Pelosi are not going to fight, with every apology for simply speaking the truth their psychosis of patriotism outrages and disgusts more plain good Americans every day. With the ACLU and the blogosphere desperately just trying to get Congressional Democrats to act humanely it’s starting to sink in just how far there is to go in asserting and implementing a real liberal agenda in American politics.

There must be something in the water, it’s written in some places, they must have some mafia-like pinch on Reid and Rockefeller to turn them like this it’s written in others, but whatever has smashed the brains and souls of our “representatives” has obviously not left enough shreds of compassion in their politics to even care for their own people. It’s a bitter blow in a long road, but the Democratic base will still trudge on in the blogosphere, outraged in the screens for being taken for granted, yes, but still serving with everything they can to get our country back.

Even after repeated betrayals and defeats I notice the blogosphere only thrives ever more, record donation and readership rates every quarter fueling a growing urgency for the voice of the American people to be heard. Congressional capitulation is an ugly unexpected turn in our liberal expectation of what American politics should be, but still people read the blogs, comment, donate, needle and prod, write good stories, waiting impatiently to support any politician who will fight Bush. The worst of times still doesn’t keep blogtopia down.

Hillary better watch it, Chris Dodd is actually fighting Bush, and if she waits too long she’ll get dusted too. Edwards and Obama have given her reputation for campaigning a chance to carry her this far, but patience is a huge risk for Hillary if Dodd continues to fight. With troops and Iraqis dying every day and oil at $92 a reputation won’t take her very far compared to a real fighter in the race, if she doesn’t know it now she’ll find out very soon.

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