Thursday :: Nov 1, 2007

Even I’ll Vote for Hillary if This Keeps Up

by paradox

Apparently displeased that their campaigns have gone nowhere, on Tuesday six candidates beat up on the campaign of another candidate going nowhere, that of one Hillary Clinton, deigned “leader” of the dysfunctional Democratic 2008 posse running for president. Clinton has done nothing to inspire any issue block of voters and shown zero moxie in combating the worst of abuses inflicted upon the country by Bush, but she has The Campaign, you know, the machine, the best and most sleazy DC brains money can buy.

Clinton’s campaign is also desperately puffed with political pixie dust of the 90’s, a time of peace and prosperity under another Clinton wistfully longed for these days, and of course, her gender. Hillary is sure the benefits of running a woman outweigh the risks, and after the gang-up on her Tuesday she’s correct, those little cholos on her heels did themselves more harm than good with these attacks, and her gender inspires a reflexive defense of the persecuted that’s very powerful.

The primary issue for all Democratic candidates running for president is stopping the war, bringing all our people home. The secondary one is desperately needed repair to worst of Bush abuses combined with a signature policy issue (healthcare, environmentalism, wages) that inspires people.

All Democratic campaigns have fallen flat on their face in this regard, to the manifest dismay for most of the base. As they continue to fail and sputter, what happens? They beat up on the woman front-runner, ahead of them only because they’re so lame themselves!

As if it wasn’t in the toilet before, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have taken the Democratic brand into the utter depths of the septic tank, the candidates for president, incredibly, act as if Democrats don’t have a screaming identity problem as spineless wussies. Coupled with the incompetence of their clueless campaigns, these attacks on the female candidate (fair or not, irrational or not, sorry life worked out this way) instantly calls forth a sympathetic response for Clinton and a sneering disgust for these weenies who can only beat up a woman when they fail.

Even I will vote for Hillary Clinton if this keeps up much longer, men who abuse women because they can’t get their own lives together give me nothing but the utmost loathing and disgust, especially when they use Republican talking points to do it. The Clinton campaign was and is positive Hillary’s gender will help her more than hurt, and they were right.

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