Thursday :: Nov 1, 2007

Obama, Biden Refuse To Sign Warning Letter To Bush On Iran

by Jeff Dinelli

Say what? Hillary Clinton has been put through the proverbial Wringer for voting "yea" on the infamous Kyl/Lieberman amendment, which labeled Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. The Horror! It's the First Step Towards War! It gives President Bush the Green Light To Invade! We Can't Trust This President with Something Like This! This is Iraq All Over Again! She Obviously Didn't Learn Her Lesson On Iraq! She's A War Hawk! Rattling The Sabers! Starting The Drumbeat! Helping Start World War III!

I hate to do this, but let's jump in the Wayback Machine and set it to Tuesday night, and listen in on Drexel University's Democratic Candidates Firing Squad starring Sen. Clinton. She was the one against the wall in the blindfold with the cigarette hanging from her mouth.

MR. GOTCHA RUSSERT: Senator Biden, do you agree with Senator Webb [the Kyl/Lieberman amendment] was de facto a declaration of war?

SEN. BIDEN: I think it can be used as a fact -- a declaration.

We have emboldened Bush at a minimum. His talk of World War III, totally irresponsible talk. We've emboldened him, Tim, to be able to move if he chooses to move. They're terrorists. The fact that they're terrorists on one side of the border or the other, we've just declared them terrorists. That gives him the color of right to move against them.

SEN. OBAMA: This kind of resolution does not send the right signal to the region. It doesn't send the right signal to our allies or our enemies, and as a consequence, I think over the long term it weakens our capacity to influence Iran.

Boy, Hillary sure screwed up voting for that thing, didn't she? She must really want a War! Well it sure was strange, then, when she helped Sen. Jim Webb spearhead a letter to the White House which warned Bush not to take any military action against Iran without Congressional approval. That letter, signed by Webb, Clinton, Chris Dodd, and 27 other senators, was sent to Bush today. Two senators who flat-out refused to sign it, were self-proclaimed foreign policy experts Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

This, my friends, should be a freakin' Deal Breaker for Obama. For the past month he has been ruthlessly attacking Clinton for her vote on Kyl/Lieberman. Did the amendment take us a step closer to war, Sen. Obama? Then why the hell did you refuse to sign this letter? The man is now playing politics with national security. Obama has sunk to a new low.

"I was surprised and disappointed," John Isaacs, president of the Council for a Livable World and one of the catalysts behind the letter, told the Huffington Post. "I contacted virtually every office and to me it was a no-brainer that Obama and Biden would both sign on. Neither did."

Can someone please explain what the hell is up with Obama? No vote on the ad. No vote on Kyl/Lieberman, which is Soooo important to him he hasn't talked about anything else in the last month. No signature on this Webb letter. Picking up GOP talking points and firing at Hillary over Social Goddamned Security! Where are this guy's convictions? When is he gonna take a stand on ANYthing? Is this slimy, evasive politics or is it sheer clumsiness? Hell, that lunatic homophobic bigot Donnie McClurkin is still singing gospel songs for him in South Carolina, apparently to kowtow to the darker underbelly of southern black churches.

After all his wailing about Clinton's supposed mismanagement of Middle East strategy, how can this man not sign Webb's letter?

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