Friday :: Nov 2, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

Remembering Karen Hughes.

[In] Egypt, Hughes stressed to a skeptical audience the religiosity of the president and added that the U.S. Constitution includes the phrase "one nation under God," which it does not. In Saudi Arabia, Hughes, repeatedly describing herself inappropriately and condescendingly as a "working mom," and urged a mostly silent group of fully veiled women to obtain the right to drive because the inability to operate a vehicle "negatively shaped the image of Saudi society" in the U.S. She also equated driving with “freedom.” In Turkey, Hughes lamely attempted to connect with her audience by saying, "I love kids," before being confronted by women troubled about the deaths brought about by the invasion of Iraq. She also heard concerns about America’s apparent intention to introduce democracy by force and explained ... that "to preserve the peace, sometimes my country believes that war is necessary." It is not clear how that translated into Turkish.

(h/t to Ken Silverstein)

When Bush is finally gone, it will be quite a contest to figure out who was the "best" representative of Bush's administration, and therefore the worst public servant. I see Karen in the running. How about you?

Your turn now.

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