Friday :: Nov 2, 2007

English Newspaper Ranks Most Influential American Liberals, Conservatives

by Jeff Dinelli

Here's something fun for a Friday! The Washington staff of London's Telegraph newspaper has compiled the Top 100 Most Influential Liberals and Conservatives in America. It's always interesting to see how other countries view us, but more importantly, lists are cool. Try putting together a Top 100 Rock Albums of all time and watch the fur fly (of course top album would be the Rolling Stones' "Exile on Main Street," but there could be arguments farther down the list).

Anyway, these two lists are doozies. Top liberal goes to Bill Clinton, for example. I remember voting for Jerry Brown in '92, ranting to my friends that "Clinton's way too conservative, Man!" Of course, I voted for Jesse Jackson (#44 on the Telegraph list) in '88. I wouldn't even call Mrs. Clinton a classic liberal, but she checks in at #4 here.

I guess what we need to do first is come up with a definition of what a liberal is. Something about believing in individual liberty, rights, equal opportunity, freedom of speech, trying to reduce the power of government and make sure it's fully open and honest, that kind of stuff. It's probably in the dictionary, but no time now, let's get back to the lists!

On the top of the truly spooky list of conservatives sits Rudy Giuliani. No, I'm not kidding, and I wonder what all the Kristian Kooks like James Dobson (#26), Gary Bauer (#70), and Tony Perkins (#81) think of Mr. 9/11 being the most influential conservative in America. Gen. Petraeus is #2. W doesn't show up until #21 because of his "failure to shape conservatives or the Republican Party despite a historic opportunity to do so after 2002." Dick (Darth Vader) Cheney is #6. Behind Petraeus? You betcha. Rush is #5. Poor Dick.

Back on our side, Al Gore is #2, while Robert Redford, who has been talking about global warming since the mid-to-late '70's, doesn't make the list. Barack Obama is #6, ahead of #7 Michael Moore. Think that's strange? In eighth place is Arnold Schwarzenegger, just ahead of Oprah. I'm starting to question these lousy Brits.

As far as bloggers go, Steve Soto didn't make the list, while Coyote and Snark are somewhere in the '80's! No, I'm kidding. Markos is #12, Adrianna Huffington is 16th, and Paul Krugman is #53. On the dark side of the moon, we find Matt Drudge (#3), Andrew Sullivan (#33), Erick Erikson of (#69) and Michelle Malkin at 93rd.

Strange things abound. John Edwards is #24, behind his wife at #19. Colin Powell (#23) is on our list, along with curiosities such as Michael Bloomberg (#25), Chris Matthews (#38), Wesley Clark (#43), Michelle Obama (#48), and Joe freakin' Lieberman, who is #47 on both lists. On the right, Libertarian Drew Carey is #39, while Ron Paul, who is kicking ass and taking names, is #96. That, is baffling.

Hey, check these lists out, they're a lot of fun, whatya think?

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