Monday :: Nov 5, 2007

Burma With Nukes

by Steve

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The major papers are all over the Pakistani meltdown today, in which Pervez Musharraf simultaneously undermines George W. Bush’s war on terror and second term attempt to democratize the Islamic world at the end of a gun barrel. Respected Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, one of the world’s experts on Al Qaeda and Islamic extremism, noted in a Post op-ed today that Musharraf isn’t targeting extremists with this latest coup, but rather the country’s secular elite and his political opponents. However, Musharraf has been snookering Bush for six years, knows Bush would never pressure him, and understands full well that because he is Burma with Nukes, he can get away with damn near everything.

The Los Angeles Times notes today that despite years of Bush Administration funding for Musharraf to fight Al Qaeda, he in fact has used the money to build up conventional forces to deter India, and has left his counterterrorism force under funded.

The Post reports today that Musharraf believed the Bush Administration and the British tacitly went along with his power grab after he told them it would only be for 3-4 weeks, yet other government officials are now saying elections will be pushed off for a year.

With Musharraf using his military and intelligence services to eliminate a free press, and any political and religious opposition, how different now is Pakistan from Myanmar, aside from the nukes and the oil and gas pipeline possibilities? Yet Bush funds and tacitly goes along with the anti-democratic actions of the former while using the latter as a cheap and meaningless PR opportunity.

Bush's second term was heralded by his sycophants with lots of comparisons to McKinley and even Lincoln, in spinning Bush's supposed commitment to liberating the Islamic world. By the time he leaves office, such hyperbole will be a distant, ludicrous memory.

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