Tuesday :: Nov 6, 2007

On the table?

by Erin Alecto

Or rather off it, thanks to a GOP turnaround late in the vote to table, or, more precisely, kill, the impeachment resolution Kucinich introduced in the House today:

At one point there were 290 votes to table. After the turnaround, the final vote was 251-162 against tabling, with 165 Republicans voting against it.

"We're going to help them out, to explain themselves," said Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas. "We're going to give them their day in court."

Democrats countered by offering a motion to refer the proposal to the House Judiciary Committee for further study, effectively preventing a debate on the House floor. That motion passed by a largely party-line vote of 218-194.

You can almost picture the sneer on Sessions' face when you read his comments; apparently the GOP believes a debate on impeachment at this time will be a net win for Republicans. And although John Conyers has said before the proposal landed on his desk that impeachment was a waste of Congress' resources, Rachel Maddow announced on her show earlier that she got this statement from his spokesperson:

"The Committee has a very busy agenda - over the next two weeks, we hope to pass a FISA bill, to vote on contempt of Congress citations, pass legislation on prisoner re-entry, court security and a variety of other very important items. We were surprised that the minority was so ready to move forward with consideration of a matter of such complexity as impeaching the Vice President. The Chairman will discuss today's vote with the Committee members but it would seem evident that the committee staff should continue to consider, as a preliminary matter, the many abuses of this Administration, including the Vice President."
(my emphasis)

Is Conyers hinting he won't kill the bill; is impeachment on the table? Or is he stalling for time to figure out a response? Will this be a win, lose or draw for the Republicans, and who convinced them to change their votes in the first place?

Update: Kagro X has a succinct, informative summary of the day's events here.

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