Thursday :: Nov 8, 2007

Hillary Campaign Fights Back With Facts

by Jeff Dinelli

Love her or hate her, you have to admit Hillary Clinton's campaign is totally on the ball. The latest example is the creation of a website where the main goal is to snuff out faulty gossip, myths, and factually incorrect news reports.

Here's how it works: today you may have noticed a story making the rounds that Hillary and her entourage stopped at an Iowa Maid-Rite and didn't leave a tip. How dare she?? What an outrage!! The campaign is forced to respond and deny the story.

By inventing this new site, things are much easier. Here's the latest entry:

Fact Check: Bill Paid, Tip Left At Iowa Maid-Rite

Today, NPR reported that when Hillary and the campaign visited a Maid-Rite diner in Iowa, no one left a tip:

Clinton may have decided not to tip. She was also never given a bill —her meal was on the house.

Both of those claims are false. Here's the manager of Maid-Rite:

The manager of the of the restaurant tells First Read the Clinton campaign did, in fact, tip. "They paid their bill, and they left a tip," said Brad Crawford, manager of the Maid Rite restaurant in Toledo, Iowa. "Everybody was satisfied. No question about it."

The bill was about $157 and the tip was $100.

UPDATE: NPR has corrected their report.

Notice NPR scramble to make things right. Great idea, Clinton folks.

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