Thursday :: Nov 8, 2007

Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution

by Ken Camp

This week, Governor Bill Richardson's new book, Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution was released.

In Leading by Example, Governor Richardson offers a positive, practical vision of the future that will eliminate our nation's crippling dependence on foreign oil, while rapidly cutting our climate-changing emissions. The program relies on new technologies and domestic energy sources, from renewables to efficiency and plug-in cars, that will grow the American economy while protecting our national security and restoring an oil-free foreign policy. Bill Richardson sees a thriving nation, invigorated by new opportunities, free from the constant threat of interrupted oil supplies, and finding innovative solutions for slowing and reversing global climate change. America will once again lead the world toward peace and prosperity.

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The book is an extension of Governor Richardson's energy plan, which has been hailed by Carl Pope of the Sierra Club as the strongest and most aggressive among the candidates.

But there is one presidential candidate with enormous depth on the issue, and he's just raised the bar on all the rest. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson served as Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration. Today, at the New America Foundation, he delivered his new energy approach. Dave Hamilton, Director of our Energy and Global Warming program, advised me that "his 18-page energy policy is much more aggressive than anything we've seen so far from the candidates. It is also significantly better-elaborated in theory with regard to where we end up."

During the 2007 legislative session, Governor Richardson took major steps to continue to make New Mexico the Clean Energy state.

Each year, the Conservation Voters of New Mexico release a Legislative Scorecard breaking down the votes on key bills impacting the environment. The scorecard is an invaluable tool in holding the legislature accountable for their environmental votes. This year, the CVNM gave Richardson an "A":

The CVNM Scorecard recognizes Governor Bill Richardson with a solid “A” for his commitment to protecting the environment. The Governor weighed in behind a strong renewable energy agenda in 2007 and exercised his veto power on several anti-conservation measures, including a line-item veto of $945,000 for “Gila basin water development”, and a pocket-veto of SB 220 that would have provided a de facto $6.9 million subsidy to the coal industry.

With Al Gore not running for President, it's clear that Governor Bill Richardson is the candidate who is in the best position to reduce American reliance on foreign oil and to protect our environment. Governor Richardson is an experienced leader, with proven results, on environmental and energy issues.

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