Sunday :: Nov 11, 2007

Fear Not, Big Brother Is Here To Protect You

by Jeff Dinelli

Check it out, the swines aren't even trying to hide their evil plans anymore:

A top intelligence official says it is time people in the United States changed their definition of privacy.

Privacy no longer can mean anonymity, says Donald Kerr, a deputy director of national intelligence. Instead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguards people’s private communications and financial information.

Kerr’s comments come as Congress is taking a second look at the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act.

Lawmakers hastily changed the 1978 law last summer to allow the government to eavesdrop inside the United States without court permission, so long as one end of the conversation was reasonably believed to be located outside the U.S.

Yes, that troublesome word "privacy" must be redefined, people. After all, we're in the middle of a War On Terror. Real Americans don't need to be asked to sacrifice. Stick a flag outside your front door and on your SUV and invite the government in, go ahead, you've nothing to hide, after all. If the flag needs to be replaced with something resembling Aldous Huxley's shield reading the World State's motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY, so be it. Just keep the brown people and the terrorists away from me and my family. Trust Big Brother.

Privacy need not mean anonymity. Indeed, it's simply logic these days. Look at Kerr's speech last month:

Protecting anonymity isn’t a fight that can be won. Anyone that’s typed in their name on Google understands that. Instead, privacy, I would offer, is a system of laws, rules, and customs with an infrastructure of Inspectors General, oversight committees, and privacy boards on which our intelligence community commitment is based and measured. And it is that framework that we need to grow and nourish and adjust as our cultures change.

Of course the stuff you'll find when you Google your own name is stuff you put on the internet yourself. The scary part about what Kerr said to the Senate is, he's talking about redefining privacy as it applies to FISA reform and homeland security gathering. What, Mr. Kerr, you need more government control created in these areas?

Fear not, Big Brother is here to protect you.

We're sacrificing way too much freedom here, folks. And what have we gained? Am I the only one outraged by government agents forcing me to subject myself to searches without any probable cause or evidence in order to get on an airplane? Anyone read the 4th Amendment recently?

We're different than Pakistan, right? Or is it time we awakened to the fact that this administration and members of the far Right are comfortably prepared to view our two countries as very similar, and are ready to throw down as Musharraf did last week? What would it take? Something from our side being defined as liberal treason?

What would it take for our own Big Brother to declare a State of Emergency?

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