Monday :: Nov 12, 2007

Memo To The Government: Hemp Is Not The Same Thing As Pot

by Jeff Dinelli

I have a lot of problems with this country's War On Drugs, but I'd like to step back a little and point out the absolutely DUMBEST thing that has resulted from it.

It is currently illegal for American farmers to grow industrial hemp, the most environmentally safe product to grow and process, and one of the most useful. Hemp can help make everything from fabric to food, from carpet backing to car door panels. Over 30 other countries grow it, but here, apparently it's associated with marijuana, its close cousin, even though, as North Dakota farmer Wayne Hauge says, "You could smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole and it's not going to provide you with a high."

Hauge and a buddy of his this week are going to stand up to the DEA on this ridiculous issue:

On Wednesday, Hauge and David C. Monson, a fellow aspiring hemp farmer, will ask a federal judge in Bismarck to force the Drug Enforcement Administration to yield to a state law that would license them to become hemp growers.

"I'm looking forward to the court battle," said Hauge, a 49-year-old father of three. "I don't know why the DEA is so afraid of this."
The law is the law and it treats all varieties of Cannabis sativa L. the same, Bush administration lawyers argue in asking U.S. District Judge Daniel L. Hovland to throw out the case. The DEA says a review of the farmers' applications is underway.

Ok, repeat after me, fiber is not a drug. Some environmentalists say that because of its countless uses, hemp could actually help save the freakin' world. When mega-corporations like DuPont developed synthetic fiber, hemp was outlawed for some reason. Let's cheer these dudes on this week. End this form of corporate welfare and allow farmers to make some money off hemp just like the rest of the world does. It's time the feds got their heads out of their asses on this issue.

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