Tuesday :: Nov 13, 2007

Obama: "I Don't (Make) A Lot Of Mistakes"

by Steve

Reuters photo of Tim Russert being tough with Obama on Sunday’s “Meet The Press”

It was just yesterday that Chris Matthews was gushing to Obama strategist David Axelrod on “Hardball” about how great Obama was for not pandering to interest groups. Matthews never hid the intent of his attack, which was clearly another shot at Hillary for being a triangulating candidate unwilling to offend anyone. The anti-Hillary venom from Matthews has only increased of late, to a point where it comes across as the sexist rants from a punk who only has a problem with Democratic pandering, not ever with pandering by Republicans to the evangelical, anti-immigrant, homophobic crowd on the far right of their party.

So if this wasn't pandering Chris, then what is it?

Hillary Rodham Clinton's doubts about big foreign trade deals came only in the heat of the presidential campaign, Democratic rival Barack Obama said Tuesday, addressing labor leaders who strongly oppose many of the agreements.
"So, when a candidate rails against NAFTA today, it's fair to ask her where she was with NAFTA 20 years ago," said Obama. "You don't just suddenly wake up and say NAFTA is a terrible thing when you were for it before."
Obama made his case at a regional convention of the United Auto Workers just a day after Clinton used the same forum to call for a "time out" on new trade deals while their impact on American jobs is assessed.

Trashing NAFTA in front of autoworkers is pandering, is it not Chris? And Senator, how could Hillary be held accountable to her position on NAFTA back in 1987 when it wasn't even passed until years later?

Also, with the greater media fluffing he has been getting lately, Obama is sounding more and more full of himself, and the sanctimony meter is pegging into the red.

Obama told the labor activists that there have been few occasions when he's had to switch positions, because he's been on the side of workers since he got into politics 20 years ago.
"The nice thing about my candidacy is I don't have to apologize for a lot of mistakes," said Obama.

Really? It sounds like we are simply fortunate that you have come along to deliver us from the error of our partisan ways into your savior-like graces Senator.

It's normal for a neophyte candidate on the national stage to get puffed up from his own glowing "anyone but Hillary" press clippings and on-air fluffings from the likes of Matthews and Russert. But if Obama is going to campaign between now and Iowa on this "put me on a pedestal" theme, then the Hillary campaign can make some hay over Mr. Obama's infalliability and righteousness. Of course, when Hillary brings it up, Obama will adopt his own version of the "they're ganging up on me" defense by saying she's resorting to the politics of destruction. But the more and more Obama talks about himself as a righteous, never-wrong truth teller with correct instincts, who runs away from Washington, the more and more he resembles another candidate who bamboozled us back in 2000.

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