Tuesday :: Nov 13, 2007

Things Are Getting Nasty On The Campaign Trail

by Jeff Dinelli

Yesterday a female supporter asked John McCain, "How do we beat the bitch?"

Now, last Friday when McCain's mom told MSNBC the problems Mitt Romney faced organizing the Salt Lake City Olympics were simply due to corrupt Mormons fighting each other, McCain immediately got a statement to the AP correcting the impression his 95-year-old mom had left.

Yesterday, when the lady asked about how he was gonna stop Hillary The Bitch? There was no immediate dismissing of the slur. There was hearty laughter all around, as the candidate mumbled something about a "translation," yet more laughter when someone else likened Hillary to his ex-wife, and McCain said, "That's an excellent question." No wonder this guy is Chris Matthew's favorite candidate.

Time for a corrective statement now? Nope. McCain then talked about some poll that shows him leading Hillary by 2 percentage points, which, of course, is meaningless. THEN he finally said, "I respect Sen. Clinton, and I respect anyone who gets the nomination of the Democrat Party."


On the Democratic side, some of you have noted that John Edwards flippantly would not answer a question of whether he would support Hillary if she gets the nomination. Twice. Obama's answer to the same question? "I am a Democrat, and I would support the Democratic nominee." Biden? "Of course. What’s the choice, Rudy Giuliani?" Dodd? "I am surprised at just how angry John has become. This is not the same John Edwards I once knew. Of course, we should all come together to support the nominee. I wonder which of the Republicans John prefers to Hillary?"

Look, anyone who is running for the party's nomination should be able to say he'd support whoever wins it (though I hear the Greens are flirting with Kucinich, don't look for that to happen). I just wonder if Edwards would be willing to drop out of the race if he doesn't win Iowa and endorse Obama before the Super Tuesday or whatever they're calling it on February 5th. For whatever reason, I think Edwards' hatred of Hillary runs that deep.

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