Wednesday :: Nov 14, 2007

Open Thread - Rescuing the Constitution Edition

by Mary

Very interesting catch by John Dean:

The UK's Guardian has recently started an online edition of its publication specifically directed at American readers. Michael Tomasky, the editor, acknowledged that he is interested in promoting the liberal and progressive agenda. More importantly, and as he explained when introducing this new publication, he plans to start "looking at the events of the day from a slightly different angle than US papers, and focusing in on some matters that they might ignore."

Tomasky did just that, for example, with his recent interview of Hillary Clinton. He asked her process questions that, inexplicably, no American newsperson has raised: "If you become president you'll enter the White House with far more power than, say, your husband had. What is your view of this?"

Senator Clinton responded, without script or hesitation, "I think it is clear that the power grab undertaken by the Bush-Cheney Administration has gone much further than any other president and has been sustained for longer. … I think that I'm gonna have to review everything they've done because I've been on the receiving end of that. There were a lot of actions which they took that were clearly beyond any power the Congress would have granted or that in my view that was inherent in the constitution. There were other actions they've taken which could have obtained congressional authorization but they deliberately chose not to pursue it as a matter of principle."

Surprised, Tomasky pressed, "I'm asking, can a president, once in the White House, actually give up some of this power in the name of constitutional principle?"

"Oh, absolutely, Michael," the Senator responded without a pause.

I am deeply concerned about the caliber of leader we elect in the next election, because for our Constitutional form of government to survive, we must elect someone willing to give up power. The power that the Bush administration has grabbed is deadly for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I must say I'm reassured that Hillary Clinton is openly aware of the problem and is discussing reaffirming the checks and balances of our Constitution. One reason I've always hoped that Al Gore would enter the race was because it was clear he loves our Constitution more than he desires power. This is an extremely important position to get right. Perhaps this can be one of the questions that gets asked of all candidates during the primary season????

Your turn now.

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