Wednesday :: Nov 14, 2007

Why Huckabee Matters

by Steve

The national political media is allowing the Giuliani campaign to spin them again. The conventional wisdom about Mike Huckabee’s emerging strength in Iowa is that the Giuliani campaign is privately thrilled at the sight of the evangelical vote being so splintered amongst Rudy’s rivals. In fact, some members of the political media write drivel as if Kerik doesn't matter.

Don’t be so sure about that.

At a time when his character, judgment, and electability are in question due to the new Kerik problems, the last thing Rudy needs right now is the large and allegedly dormant fundamentalist bloc to think they can still control the nomination through a rising true believer like Huckabee. If James Dobson and the remaining uncommitted parts of God’s Squad sense that they can unite behind a newly credible Huckabee movement and control the nomination, Rudy will be in a world of hurt, especially after he loses the first several contests to Huckabee and Romney.

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