Thursday :: Nov 15, 2007

Post-Debate Open Thread Tonight

by Jeff Dinelli

Following tonight's Las Vegas Democratic Debate on CNN, I'll be putting up the Open Thread for overnight, so please stop by with your analysis, comments, rantings, jokes, whatever. CNN is advertising it as another slugfest ("The gloves are off!") but we'll see.

Any predictions? Supposedly Nevada was chosen as a host because of its rising Latino population and union workforce, plus geographically it makes a nice setting to discuss energy, water, and growth issues. It's also a nuclear waste dumping point and, speaking of waste, Harry Reid's home state.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, tonight on CNN, check your local listings political junkies, and come back here afterwards for some chit-chat. It's better than watching the talking heads tell you what they think you just saw. Unless one of them was actually David Byrne, at which point I'd be interested.

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