Friday :: Nov 16, 2007

Hillary Camp Offers Post-Debate Facts

by Jeff Dinelli

For those of you still going over transcripts from last night or are still talking about it, the Clinton camp's excellent fact check site has some interesting points, including Obama's shifting stance on social security, Obama falsely suggesting he opposed Kyl-Lieberman "at the time of the vote" (which I noted in the Open Thread), Edwards supporting drivers licenses for "illegal immigrants" in 2004, Edwards opposing universal health care in 2004, and Obama's health care plan set to leave some 15 million uninsured.

That entire campaign is just a finely-tuned machine.

Here's some cool video from last night, too, if you're a Hillary fan:




Also of interest to a lot of us is Obama's bizarre use of social security as a scare tactic like his last name was Bush. Paul Krugman weighs in on that stupidity today.

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