Saturday :: Nov 17, 2007

An Energy Policy Would Be Nice

by paradox

By the end of my first term as President, no new car will get less than fifty miles per gallon and no truck will get less than thirty five.

Why is this sentence seemingly so hard for our Democratic candidates for President to say? I honestly don’t know, it’s easy for the country to accomplish and directly confronts four urgent policy area problems: resource security, global warming, consumer pricing and industrial investment. Yet they seem incapable of producing direct, simple statements that resonate and make sense to voters.

By the end of my first day as President no one will be able to listen in on your phone calls just because I say they should.

What is the difficulty here? I don’t get it, Americans want their privacy and freedom to speak (just knowing phones are illegally tapped, or to be “chilled,” as they say, is a huge loss of freedom), this sentence directly whaps into core American principles and gives the finger to Bush arrogance, is there no spirit of rebellion among Americans anymore?

Yet no Democratic candidate ever speaks to me or the people this way, no super-simple declarations of leadership that have real meaning for everyone, so far they all models of caution, and it stings very badly their obvious strategy at this point is to demonstrate they are not, nor will they ever be, beholden to those leftist dirty fucking hippie internet rebels.

We do not have a strong field of Democratic candidates. Relative to Republican candidates we have a super-strong field of Superman and Superwoman candidates, and coupled with current perfect storm conditions for Republicans the Presidency is a stroll of a win for the eventual Democratic nominee. Giving the liberal base the finger preens the weenie DC egos of our Democratic politicians, I’m sure it seems very wise to them, but caution will never get our country back or our troops home, leadership will.

As a voter and proud liberal I have my agenda relative to our possible candidates, and as an adult I realize the world isn’t set up for me, so I’ll take what system eventually spits out, hoping for the best. At this point none of the Democratic candidates are speaking to one main element on my agenda, so I will advocate for none of them and help the best I can for the 2008 election nominee.

I won’t be damaging any of our people and contributing to the only possible path of hope and progress for the country. It’s the best I can do.

While I’m President the United States will never be at war for lies.

What a pinko commie far-out leftist I am for having that sentence on my wish list for candidates. I’ve given up hope of ever hearing it, really, and would be thrilled just to hear a leadership line on energy policy. I’ve had it with these disgusting deadly smog machine automobiles Americans are so allegedly in love with, if they can’t be made safer at least they could stop warming the planet and putting our balls in a vice for appalling resource cost and insecurity.

Seems to me leadership in just that one policy area, energy, would yield so much good so quickly that I still hold out hope, perhaps in vain, that a Democratic candidate will use it as a core principle of their campaign.

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