Sunday :: Nov 18, 2007

The Last Year

by paradox

It’s begun to strike me as remarkable recently how everyone seems to regard 2008 as another routine year, just another calendar number that will tick away in the life of America into 2009 when apple pie, Raider football and Mom of course will still be there to confirm the America we know as the greatest country on earth. We’ve got our problems but we are, of course, America. Why should 2008 be so special?

The political junkies are already in an uproar, naturally, and 2008 will be a very busy year for all us as we serve our paths to election day. Initially I thought 2008 would be a sore trial of forbearance to a poorly functioning democracy and infuriatingly stupid political journalism, but events of the last 30 days have left me increasingly concerned that the last year of The Worst President of All Time may, in fact, be one of the most dangerous and damaging times the country has ever gone through.

Whatever lame and rankly dishonest rationale existed for the great project of democracy in Bush foreign policy has been completely blown to tatters by Musharraf in Pakistan, the President babbling in total delusion that he’s still counting on the thug dictator to come through with democracy. Gas and food prices (so conveniently left out of the official inflation number) have gone through the roof, the dollar has gone to hell and collapsing housing markets has everyone spooked as hell, rightly so.

Recently at Obsidian Wings (link un-found, truly sorry) there was a report of an American official addressing Europeans on the New Legal American Torture where the level of derision, scorn and contempt was so vivid toward the American he would have been plastered red by tomatoes, had they been handy to hurl. Americans simply aren’t being taking intellectually seriously anymore, we aren’t trusted to get the most basic thinking right.

It’s one of reasons Pakistan blew up in Bush’s face—Musharraf knows full well Bush is comically inept, unintelligent, poorly served by sycophants, and less influential by the day, so he flipped him off to crush a country. What could little Georgie do? Drool like a thorazine patient on page 1 of the Washington Post that Musharraf is still his guy, another little love man of democracy just like him, Jesus Christ.

As Swopa of Needlenose has accurately pointed out, Bush and Republicans have played a dismayingly effective game of Daddy Protector toward the electorate in our Age of American Fear: we’ll do anything to protect you, even rip up the constitution! Not surprisingly, really, in the Republican political race to succeed him this has evolved into a dismaying spectacle of one-upmanship, what Digby of Hullabaloo accurately described as a disgusting game of my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours when it comes to being a rabid killing constitution-crusher.

It is this last development that has so increased my concern and the risks toward to the country in the last year of Bush's term, for the juvenile, cocky, fearful bully that Bush is, under vastly increasing pressures to do something correctly and effective (never possible), could eventually get enraged at all the failure and needling at how tiny his weenie has become compared to the new badasses who will replace him and do something berserk.

Don’t laugh. George Bush is not an advanced human in any sense, he’s earned the title worst president of all time because he’s a lying incompetent killer who’s shredded the constitution with a stupid, juvenile, dismaying machismo of Big Daddy Protector. Just because America is over 200 years old doesn’t mean her politics couldn’t have regressed into high school strutting and posturing, and that’s precisely the level of intellectual maturity we now have in the White House.

Americans are already angry and pegging record wrong track and approval numbers, but it’s not even Thanksgiving 2007. Remember, the last year for Bush starts ticking in January, the 20th, God there is a long way to go yet before even that holy milestone, but already there are screaming problems of urgency everywhere.

The pressures on Bush in 2008 are going to be immense, he is a total crippled lightweight desperate to be taken seriously on any level, and anything could happen to our country and democracy next year. Anything.

UPDATE: EdlinUser at Daily Kos brings up a critically important point: for seven years George Bush has abused and circumvented Congress, deeming them contemptible in his mind.

Incredibly, since 2006 (FISA and MCA) this contempt for Congress can only have increased. That is certainly not what we wanted in the mind of the worst of all time in his increasingly desperate last year.

God help you if you've blown the risk, Nancy and Harry, God help you.

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