Wednesday :: Nov 21, 2007

Pass The Popcorn - And Shoot First

by Steve

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I have never done a movie review here, but there’s a first for everything. With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, opportunities abound for many of us to get together with family and perhaps engage in a couple hours of escapism at the movies. So to kick off a movie blog post, let me begin with some comments about a flick I was greatly looking forward to: the Coen brothers’ “No Country For Old Men”.

This movie has three strong male leads in the reliable Tommy Lee Jones, the scary-as-hell Javier Bardem, and the riveting Josh Brolin. It has gotten generally “movie of the year” type reviews. Yet this movie left me feeling it was a three-star movie, full of repeated graphic violence and the weariness of a burned-out lawman, that cheated the audience out of some closure with the leading characters at the end. It’s an example of how far a movie’s buzz can go when it is made by respected moviemakers, but ask yourself if this movie would have gotten these reviews had it been made by a couple of stiffs instead of the Coen brothers?

But judge for yourself, and catch a flick over the holiday weekend. If you have any thoughts on “No Country For Old Men” or any other movie you have seen lately, be a movie critic and share them with us in this thread.

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