Friday :: Nov 23, 2007

Television Doesn’t Tell America’s Story

by paradox

When I’m feeling charitable that’s how I put it, anyway. Usually I just state that if you want to be lied to, watch television news. American journalism/propaganda is very good at hiding its deficiencies and brazen enough to think they can form a narrative of truth to whatever they’re “reporting,” so good that media reform, or breaking the lock of lies that American journalism imposes on forming the American political story, is still probably the number one political goal of the netroots.

Not only does rank American propaganda (for those getting unfortunately huffy that American intellect and culture would descend into Orwellian depths, please see the reporting in the buildup of the Iraq war and kindly shut up) distort the perception of reality, naturally it creates reactive behavior for those affected. Yet another indicator of what a screaming joke the charge that our media is liberal was found at Hullabaloo yesterday:

Crowley made the point that the rapid responses of the two campaigns are speaking to the Democratic voters who are traumatized by what they see as a media circus that killed off Al Gore and John Kerry in the last two election and want their candidates to show they can fight back hard.

Suffering Democratic liberals can at least take some understanding and solace at the stupefying level of screaming incompetence from their elected representatives in Congress that at last, here is part of the answer to why they insist on being weak failures. It isn’t something in the water, political mafioso Addington hit men aren’t threatening them at night, Cheney isn’t using secret surveillance to blackmail or chill them. Democrats in Congress, no matter what they say, instinctively know in the depths of their scared little souls the American propaganda is rigged against them, so they simply lack the basic bravery to initiate change, they know they’ll get clobbered by the television propaganda narrative.

Not all of the truth as to why our Congressional delegation is a pack of scared mice (money has a lot to do with it, surely) but it has to be a significant impact, yes.

The quote from Hullabaloo above also offers a great deal of hope to suffering Democratic base, for if the truth that American propaganda was a disgusting goon squad of rigged television lies against Gore and Kerry becomes widely known a critical component of the netroots will have been gloriously accomplished: it will become widely known American propaganda can’t be trusted, American television doesn’t tell our political story.

Chris Mathews, turd on the lawn of Satan that he is, angrily tried to rebut the Gore element of truth with the most childish and endlessly debunked series of propaganda lies, but take heart, good liberals, if the truth of what American propaganda did to Gore and Kerry actually penetrated the intellects of Hardball, even for an instant, even to be instantly rebuked, great progress has been made, make no mistake.

Great hope and progress lies in YouTube, too, for if the netroots can effectively harness citizen video on a consistent basis a great crutch of American propaganda will be stripped away, for they get away with a lot of their deceit with the simple deception that if they’re broadcasting video why hell, it must be true, right? Josh Marshall and the Open Left guys are doing a fascinating evolution of anchor video, I hope they keep it up, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that in five years all political blogs will be video anchored with text stories as secondary elements.

Some blogs could end up like that, hybrid video-hypertext that doesn’t lie to you. It may not be the preferred blogger’s cup of medium tea at the moment, but if it breaks the lock of American political propaganda I’ll take it.

To all our great dismay it’s obvious American propaganda (CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX) is convinced it can still tell the story of American politics, with Congressional Democrats and candidates still subsequently squeaking in their chains. The propaganda cycle for Election 2008 is shaping up to be a particularly vile and clumsy one, as many blogs have noted.

But there is still great hope in the record wrong track polling numbers, the public knows things have gone disastrously wrong and wants the truth to solve problems. People can only be lied to so many times, the knowledge of what happened to Gore and Kerry is solidly out there, and with continued efforts of the netroots one day it may finally be an a known truth in the United States that television doesn’t tell America’s story.

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