Sunday :: Nov 25, 2007

Sandra Day O’Connor is Not Missed

by paradox

Regular readers are used to my utilization of the word, but I’m positive an easy majority of the American public would term my description of television news as propaganda to be “extreme,” easily radical, possibly even “fringe.” If a citizen doesn’t actively question every element of reporting in American “journalism” one will be lied to like the wind blows and not even know it, the propaganda medium isn’t going to tell them. People don’t like to admit they’ve been suckered and duped by institutions they’re used to trusting.

Propaganda is a perfectly apt word for American print “journalism” too, they are total corporate creatures who have instructions to keep Republicans in office, it really is that simple. Example #456,409 can be found in the awful Los Angeles Times today, corporate creeps that hire Jonah Goldberg disgorging some particularly disgusting lies, grossly obfuscated history, disturbing private information (these goons will print anything about a person’s life, anything, my God) and a sickening gooey mistiness of nostalgia fit for a robust bodice-ripper romance novel, not alleged “journalism,” which is nothing more than plain propaganda, goddamn right.

How on holy freaking earth this could be relevant to anybody, who knows, but the LA Times writes in an editorial that the ill spouse of Sandra Day O’Connor, flaming thief to our Democracy and directly responsible for untold howling of grief and mayhem, has grown romantically attached to another patient in the facility of his care.

Just before we go any further, all right, let’s just stop a second as sensitive, developed adults and look horrified as a race and a people at these assholes, these reeking turds of humanity, these ridiculous never-matured-beyond-high-school imbeciles that have no concept of privacy. Decency, bitches! Have you no perspective on the lives of humans, no empathy for the ill, no feeling at all for the spouse who must read in the paper (even Sandra Day O’Connor, okay?) that their ill spouse is attracted to another? Sick. Sick sumbitches, what would your mothers think?

Now then. These clumsy propagandists then fall over themselves in deceit, moaning that Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, if only Sandra Day O’Connor’s husband didn’t have it then she wouldn’t have had to retire, now we’re stuck with that horrifying country-killer Alito instead of her benign, sublime grace of service on the Supreme Court.

Jesus. In the first place, on the evening of election day 2000 O’Connor was publicly seen to be extremely upset that Gore had been projected to win. After she hurriedly left her husband explained that she wanted to retire right then, but with a Democrat in office she’d have to keep that court seat Republican another four years (O’Connor is a rabid partisan, unique in her peers to have held elected party office).

O’Connor and four other members of the Supreme Court soon then went berserk, stealing the election for George Bush. It has easily turned out to be the worst American judicial decision of all time that produced the worst American President of all time.

I personally do not think 9/11 would have ever happened if Gore had been President, his NSA would not been a dense fool who was most proud in life that partygoers could bounce quarters off her butt. Terrorists were determined to attack the United States, Gore would have got the memo.

Be that as it may, O’Connor was still rightly excoriated with plasma flames from thermonuclear hell for being such an outrageous traitor to the Democracy, truth and her profession for stealing the election. Stung, she resolved to ride out another term, thinking that if somehow Democracy worked for the country without her taking a huge shit all over it the next time possibly there would be honor in retiring then.

She did it, all right, a murdering Bush who whipped up fear and a lying war while smiling down the ramp of Air Force One went out and beat Kerry, 31 – 29%, so she slunk off. Turns out there isn’t any honor in waiting four years, the theft was done, and she is reviled and spit upon this very day. That’s Sandra Day O’Connor’s story.

A propaganda outlet like the LA Times will do everything to keep from telling it, instead deliberately fouling the issue so that no one wants to look at it. That’s what propagandists do.

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