Monday :: Nov 26, 2007

Trent Lott Leaving Senate?

by Steve

NBC News and now the Post are reporting this morning that Mississippi's Trent Lott, who was just reelected to another term in the Senate last year, is telling associates that he will leave the Senate. Before anyone gets weepy over Strom Thurmond's bootlicker leaving the Senate because he realizes his dream of being Majority Leader again are gone for the next several cycles, the real reason Lott is ditching his constituents is the usual GOP reason: cash. He wants his K Street payday ASAP, and if he waits any longer, the new rules push that pot of gold off another year.

Good riddance. Lott had his moments as a deal maker, and seemed to care about the Senate as an institution and pushing the ball down the field legislatively, whereas McConnell is simply a whore to the lobbyists who only cares about kissing Bush's ass. But both of them would sell out their constituents for cash without thinking twice.

But if Lott is getting out for the cash now, how many other GOP senators will ditch their minority status and do the same?

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