Tuesday :: Nov 27, 2007

"The Mother of All Photo Ops"

by Steve

AP photo

After avoiding a sustained effort to achieve Middle East peace for his entire presidency or even the appointment of a special envoy to push along the "roadmap", Bush now says the time is right for a deal.

On whose calendar is the time right Mr. President? How much of this newfound concern about the peace process stems from rescuing your own tragic legacy, and how much of it actually stems from you and your vice president laying the ground work for Israel and its neighbors to actually achieve anything? How much of this newfound energy to demonstrate a commitment to diplomacy has to do with wanting a two-state solution, and how much of it stems from wanting to buy support for going after Iran?

Even the Saudis know that the proof will not be in any speeches or photo ops this week, but rather what you and your vice president are willing to do in the weeks after the conference, when the lights are off and you resume your permanent occupation in the Islamic world and planning for the next war. But if the Saudis are demanding a hands-on commitment towards peace from this White House going forward, no such commitment is envisioned. The NYT reports this morning that on the eve of the PR event conference, Bush still denigrates Clinton's hands-on approach and has no intention of getting his hands dirty pushing for compromises after the lights are turned off. Ominously, he will hand the whole thing off to Condi, the grand master of post-invasion Iraq, and leave it to her to work around the Cheney cabal and Bush's own indifference to everything except his image.

If Iraq's neighbors cannot figure out who we actually support in Iraq, the Sunnis we want the Saudis to bankroll, or the Shiites who must approve our permanent occupation, why would they believe we care one damn bit about a peace process that has been the bastard stepchild of this administration for seven years?

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