Tuesday :: Nov 27, 2007

Whatever Happened To The Front Runner?

by Steve
CBS image

I find with each passing day I see more and more that troubles me about the Clinton campaign. It’s bad enough that Hillary has played into Obama’s hands by going after him solely and directly, thereby elevating him into being her only opponent and giving him the chance to counterpunch effectively. It’s bad enough that she sends Bill into Iowa and New Hampshire to stop the bleeding while she runs to her firewall in South Carolina, only to see Bill lie about his initial support for the Iraq war and then get caught.

But now I find out that Katie Couric had a one-on-one with Hillary tonight where Hillary begins the interview by seemingly complaining that everyone has spent weeks attacking her, when it was just weeks ago that she wore it as a badge of honor that they were doing so. But at about 2:20 into the interview, she then told the country with a straight face that she never harbors any doubts about getting the nomination because she is too busy campaigning to think that she won’t succeed. Oh, please stop it. It looks fake. Was it so difficult to answer that question with just a touch of humility and humor, wrapped in a cloak of quiet confidence, instead of saying the thought of losing has never crossed your mind because you are too busy?

While you are out there going after Obama, he is throwing your silliness back in your face and giving good speeches on foreign policy, inching closer and closer to a level of comfort with voters over his ability to handle things overseas. He’s doing what you should be doing Hillary: he’s running against Bush and the GOP and treating you like the crumbling front-runner that you are. Either get a grip and resume acting like a future president who offers a real change from these last seven awful years, or continue looking like the Titanic heading for that Iowa iceberg.

All I know is that I am getting tired of this sophomoric effort within her campaign under pressure.

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