Friday :: Nov 30, 2007

How Effective Are Television Narratives, Really?

by paradox

The Republicans are confident they can control the television narrative for election 2008, a hotshot insider confided at Hullabaloo recently, not exactly a quaking gong of truth bursting forth shining enlightenment to American political reality. After all, when George Bush flatly lied on television about FISA, saying “nothing’s changed” it was only aired once, while Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman” was slammed home with approximately 4,889,221 telecasts.

Most political analysts, of course, would state that owning or greatly influencing the television narrative is everything, good god, man, when Bush admits he doesn’t care about Osama and the next day’s narrative is how Kerry outed a lesbian, how could it not be?

Already those on the inside and the politically wise are beginning to float trial narratives—the campaign will be about this, this and that if x candidate keeps it up—to try and figure out what the hell the propagandists are going to yap about this year so counter-communication strategy can gel. Gore is a liar, Kerry cheated to get his medals, Bush lied and fantasized in the debates and campaign but appears Presidential, so he must be.

Television narratives are always few and big, no matter how absurd or detached from reality they are, and if they don’t directly benefit Republicans they greatly assist in keeping elections in not talking about certain subjects. Wasn’t it remarkable how the 2004 narratives so conveniently left out lying for war against innocent humans? Torture was easy to fade when pink bandaids were everywhere, it doesn’t matter how sick or absurd it is for television, just keep that tortured and beaten Iraqi general, packed in ice courtesy the US Army, off the television screens!

It’s also one of the reasons the United States and the world must constantly suffer from the grossly offensive intellect and statements from the President (“we don’t torture”). Bush is a felon reeking of death who should have been impeached and chained long ago for the lakes of blood at his feet, yet has always been covered and enabled by television narratives, so to this very day continues in the most outrageous lies and arrogant behavior (Bush the Peacemaker) as if he had a 65% approval rating and success everywhere. We have more than a year of this horrifying experience to get through yet, and I am never forgiving the television industry for tarnishing and despoiling the United States for it, I’ll feel fortunate if we can recover from it in my lifetime.

ABC, FOX, MSNBC, CBS and NBC act is if this is perfectly normal, if the surge is working and Iraq is getting better then it is, we fucking say so for the benefit of Republicans because our corporate masters order us to. It does…not…matter how sick, outrageous, illegal, undemocratic or even how many die in all the lying, television controls the stories and the narrative, take a flying leap if you don’t like it, we know we own them, you can’t take them from us.

Well, one could certainly concede that television still spews the dominant narratives of American political reality circa 2008, yes. But if they’re so dominant and powerful, how come the worst American President of all time has an approval rating of 30%? If television narratives constantly enable, how is it that record numbers of Americans now say the country is on the wrong track? If television is everything, how does the country so emphatically know Bush is a lying criminal fuckup and that we’re now totally in for it?

Perhaps lying television propaganda only works for a certain period of time, say enabling Bush through the 2004 election, until the flying limbs and screaming blood-splattered children force humans to admit they’ve been lied to by a murderer, the President. Perhaps television narratives were always given too much credit for their power, they weren’t meant to be dominant, just enough of a push to sway enough to win. Whatever the case, it certainly is true that in this time and place concerning Bush and the Republicans television propaganda narratives have failed.

If they were successful the GOP would have been victorious in 2006, instead of getting their asses righteously whipped. To what extent no one can say, but it bears repeating that right now television narratives simply aren’t that effective, the approval and wrong track numbers tell us Americans aren’t fooled by the bullshit.

To the horrified dismay of the informed, discriminating patriot liberal base reading and seeing the truth through the workaround of the internet, not only is Bush rankly confident of enabling from the television narratives, the Democratic candidate field and Congress is scared of them and nauseatingly chases after them in a truly pathetic display of weakness. There is never a way for Democrats to win engaging in television narratives, but since they’re still convinced they must be everything they still try to do it.

The independent base and rest of the world sees it too, watching aghast and incredulous as the murder and mayhem roars ever louder, yet perhaps 1,000 television citizens enable lying criminals in an amazing display of denial: we say this is reality, we say what we will talk about, no matter what happens. Truly anything can happen, even our constitution ripped up right in front of us, and we will still make up our ridiculous narratives.

How this is ever going to get resolved and corrected I do not know. If the country survives it in the next year the internet and independent media will be forcing blessed change, at least that much is certain. This is our country, and those lying enablers on television simply aren’t going to be allowed to continue this, 2008 will simply confirm their failure even more, we’ll all make very sure of that.

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