Sunday :: Dec 2, 2007

Banning Speech Isn’t the Only Way to Suppress It

by paradox

Sometimes the total simplicity of what works in the political world is starkly striking, examples abound that what has worked so brilliantly in so many historical scenarios is in fact crude and rough in its mental application, no subtlety anywhere. Americans were used to looking askance with haughty condescension at the blunt tactics of Stalin and Pinochet, but since that dumbass dry-drunk Texan smashed the constitution the sneering at banana republics and dictators has stopped.

One of the great blunt tools of propagandists and the power-mad is the ever-handy act of repetition, magical amazing nuclear-powered repetition, repeat something often enough for enough years, no matter how stupid or untrue it is, and it will stick in the political and cultural environment it was applied to. That’s why to this very day the great intellectual and democratic bastion of the United States is infested with disgusting vermin who insist cutting taxes raises revenue.

These men have no honor, they have no brains, they have no soul, they have no testicles, yet they still feel perfectly free to whore the most outrageous bullshit, just reach into that dictator’s playbook, baby, just keep repeating it, repeating it, it works.

This is why American media propaganda can sprinkle in an Olbermann here, a Krugman there, a Froomkin over there, yet have it matter not a whit in the dissemination of truth, most of what is repeatedly broadcast is misleading or irrelevant, the truth is suffocated in repetitive distraction and miss-direction. Whenever it is deemed necessary (every four years) an anointed Republican liar running for President is given carte blanche to say the most outrageous bullshit over and over and over again, this is simply the American world we live in.

There is an insidious, extremely dangerous evolution of human behavior in current American politics, or any political culture repeated exposed to years of propaganda lies: citizens subjected to it give up on trusting their leadership and media for conveying any kind of truth, nothing that’s officially said is believed anymore. So much lying is accepted and repeated everywhere the truth isn’t worth looking for, it’s too hard to find in all the busy, difficult clutter of life.

A vivid example of this occurred last week when out the blue, no warning at all, Bush spun a complete 180 policy turn of the utmost screaming importance and revealed himself to be a hurricane-force liar (again), announcing a new treaty with Iraq that created a permanent American military presence there.

For years the Bush administration had vociferously insisted there would never be a permanent American presence in Iraq, never, of course not. But Bush had been clearly lying about everything to do with Iraq for years, so no one with any sense believed this totally obvious bullshit about permanent presence, were 100,000 contractors and a billion spent a week implemented for moving porta-potties?

Sure enough, after a necessary number of years had passed of continuous lying Bush simply announced with surprise and monumental arrogance all was now totally different, a critical component of American policy for years had simply been a rank lie, no ratification by Iraqi or American “democracies” would be necessary in the matter, of course not, America will be a military bully in the Middle East indefinitely. Fuck you for ever being so stupid as to believe me, American citizen sucker.

The country yawned. Major media outlets covered the news for one day only, of course, and then the blanketed repetition of American corporate miss-direction went grindingly on, day after day, onto something else, anything else but perusing the truth as to why our troops die.

The gallant citizen warriors for truth in blogtopia did much better, both on the initial and following days of the terrible news, but even in their environment the gross betrayal was soon accepted and there has been no word since. Why should there be? Didn’t everyone know Bush was lying clumsily about permanent presence for years anyway?

Amazingly, the truth has been abused so much toward Iraq it’s casually accepted that no one really knows why the United States went to war there. Could be Oedipal, could be political-strategic, could be crony resource payoff, could be stupid immaturity. Could be a mix of all of them, who knows?

One will never find out watching the news, it’s always passed on lies about Iraq. Life is too difficult just to work so hard for the truth in just this one area, so it’s given up on, who really knows where to find it anyway? No one banned speech in America, but it evolved into no value anyway, it’s now been shown there are other easily implemented ways to suppress it, stripping it of any value whatsoever.

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