Saturday :: Dec 8, 2007

Krugman v. Obama: 3-0

by eriposte

Paul Krugman appropriately responds to Sen. Obama's misleading attacks on Krugman's thoroughly objective and factual observations on Sen. Obama's healthcare plan and his comments about his plan and his opponents' plans (Ezra Klein and Taylor Marsh have more).

....But then Obama started attacking his rivals from the right, denouncing their proposals using exactly the same false claims that conservatives will use to try to derail reform in the future.

And now, having been caught out on the facts, the Obama people respond with a personal attack, lifting quotes out of context to pretend that I never had problems with the plan. Something is very wrong here.

I will hopefully write more about this later but let's just say I've gotten a pretty good sense for what kind of a Democrat Sen. Obama is likely to be if he becomes President.

P.S. Something that got lost in the middle of everything else last week - Sen. Clinton's new legislation on Iraq which Taylor Marsh discusses.

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