Saturday :: Dec 8, 2007

Huckabee in 1992: Quarantine AIDS patients

by Turkana

Someone ought to ask Mike Huckabee if his views on AIDS patients have changed. According to the Associated Press:

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee once advocated isolating AIDS patients from the general public, opposed increased federal funding in the search for a cure and said homosexuality could "pose a dangerous public health risk."

Well, there was a lot of cruel and irrational hysteria, when the AIDS epidemic first broke, in the early '80s, right? Um...

As a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in 1992, Huckabee answered 229 questions submitted to him by The Associated Press. Besides a quarantine, Huckabee suggested that Hollywood celebrities fund AIDS research from their own pockets, rather than federal health agencies.

"If the federal government is truly serious about doing something with the AIDS virus, we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague," Huckabee wrote.

As the article points out, by 1992 it was widely understood that AIDS wasn't passed by casual contact. The CDC reported, that year, that there were nearly 200,000 AIDS patients in America, and that 126,159 had died from the disease.

When asked about AIDS research in 1992, Huckabee said AIDS research received an unfair share of federal dollars when compared to cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

He also suggested that celebrity AIDS activists, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna, should fund AIDS research out of their own pockets.

Does Huckabee still believe such obscene garbage? He needs be asked until he answers. Anything even minimally sane, and he alienates his base. Meanwhile, this underscores the strength of the Republican Party: the brightest minds of the Thirteenth Century.

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