Sunday :: Dec 9, 2007

The Left Coaster is Not an Echo Chamber

by paradox

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so. ----Mark Twain

Epistemology: a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge. –, Wikipedia

On a grim, unhappy morning such as this I suddenly find it very important to state what I had assumed all knew: anything written under the name “paradox” and the banner The Left Coaster is always a pursuit of truth. Truth applied to founding constitutional principles in alignment with Democratic Party goals that strive for equality, justice, liberty, and stewardship of the earth.

The blog name “paradox” is an expression of the pursuit of truth: in a great mystery, the journey of truth ends in paradox. It is not remotely known why, but it is known with certainty that paradox represents success in the quest, one need go no further, be confronted with paradox and the truth has been found.

We all have dreams about what America could be and what it should not do, how it should be led and how it will be remembered, but our partisan alignment, no matter how vividly entwined to our frame of reference, is never clouded or obscured by our pursuit and reverence to facts and the truth.

We don’t lie to ourselves here, in other words. We do not repeat or endorse Democratic party bullshit—if that’s what it is—just for the alleged sake of being “loyal” Democrats. We don’t appreciate attempts at obfuscation and we hate being lied to, no matter where it comes from. The truth, founded upon principles of the Party, is what will eventually make us strong and successful, not some meaningless slogans and denial of the truth.

Please excuse me, I just had this overwhelming need to make all of the above crystal clear before I go on. The Congressional Party news is godawful fucking terrible this morning (again), and I illuminate its sickening significance not in a mind of anger, not in a fit of desired punishment, not in keyboard pound of righteous rant, but in a sincere pursuit, acceptance and dissemination of truth. So that we may stop failing in our liberal objectives and achieve an America we know should exist.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are getting their asses kicked—Jesus, again!—by Mr. Worst Ever 28% and those loathsome lying authoritarian aristocratic ass-kissing Republicans on next year’s appropriations bill and war funding, it’s almost impossible to believe how Democratic control of Congress has resulted in regression of the Democratic goals and brand!

Don’t get huffy at me for saying it, either, Markos beat me to it yesterday. So did RenMin and BarbinMd, it breaks my heart to see such fine Americans reel and hurt so from such rank failure that could have been so easily prevented.

Nancy’n Harry, I’m not forgetting what you put my people through this weekend, you understand me? It’s not a threat in the least, it’s a cold hard fact of the universe for as long as I breathe in it. Another fact of our world is that there are consequences to behavior, always, easy to identify when some behaviors are never, ever forgotten, by the way. By vividly patriotic Americans of blazing energy who have never been doormats in all of their lives. Just for future reference.

Know what else is concretely true? Nancy and Harry are winners. Yes indeed, these pathetic parliamentarians are to be totally victorious next year, for the country is desperate for “leadership” that doesn’t actively attempt (and succeed far too often) at smashing the country and the constitution, so these chumps are what we’ll get for the next term too.

We’ll ceaselessly work and play and ploy and give our precious treasure away for them and the Party, for that is the only peaceful productive path open to us. We’ll all be “winners” next Fall, how glorious it will be to inherit a Party brand in utter tatters, chump leadership with none of us having any remote idea what’s supposed to happen next in a clueless political Party that won by screaming default only.

Even right now with baby Jesus everywhere Nancy and Harry can’t get official marketed elected Democratic presence on the writer’s guild picket lines in LA. That’s how terrible we are as a political party, just a tiny measure oh how far we really have to go to get a Democratic party where it should be.

We’re not going to lie to ourselves about it, and we’re not going to sit here and not let our leadership know we’re extremely unhappy about it. We’ll keeping fucking tell them as long as they continue to so shamefully screw up, Mary and Jesus save us, and although our voices may be profane about it they never have come from some echo chamber of Party conformity devoid of truth. Never will, either.

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