Wednesday :: Dec 12, 2007

Huckabee crushes hardrives??

by Erin Alecto

Okay, I can see reformatting the hard drives on the computers in your offices when you leave a position such as, say, Governor of a state. I can see how you might have sensitive files and private emails you want to archive and wipe from computers that will be used by new people. But take the hard drives out back and smash them with hammers? Just before going on the campaign trail to become President of the United States? I don't know. It seems suspicious to me.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee depleted the governor's office emergency fund in the final weeks of his administration in part to pay for the destruction of computer hard drives in his office.

That left Gov. Mike Beebe, who replaced Huckabee on Jan. 9, with no emergency funds for the last half of fiscal 2007.

Documents that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, describe the destruction of the computer drives, as ordered by Huckabee's office, and Huckabee complaining strongly about his cell phone and Blackberry not working.

And before you say, "what's a couple computers?" check this out:

Department of Information Systems Director Claire Bailey said hard drives for 83 computers and four servers were destroyed, or "crushed,"after information was downloaded onto backup tapes. Underwood supervised it and delivered the backup tapes to Huckabee Chief of Staff Brenda Turner, who had ordered the hard drives crushed, Bailey said.

You'll notice my emphasis on the numbers. Crushed. Four servers and 83 computers. And they used a portion of emergency funds to do it. What's the big emergency, I wonder. The good news is, there are backups, so a FOIA request can still be honored. Right?

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