Thursday :: Dec 13, 2007

Leadership. Or the Lack Thereof

by Mary

Turkana linked Al Gore's speech below where Al basically said that the world cannot wait until the US administration decides it wants to come and play ball.

Perhaps this is why Gore thinks we can't wait until the Bush administration decides to cooperate with the rest of the world on this problem:

"We will lead. The U.S. will lead," Connaughton said. "But leadership also requires others to fall in line and follow."

Our country has a man with the social skills of a 5 year old demanding that everyone else does it his way. It's time to tell him to go to his room until he is ready to come out and play with everyone else. He needs to be sat down and told he is not the only one that matters and no matter what he thinks, he is not the dictator of the world.

And meanwhile, we all can do more real leading on this problem than Bush and his administration by actively doing something that addresses the problem rather than whine that others need to go first or that all we need to do is study it to death.

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