Friday :: Dec 14, 2007

There’s a War On?

by paradox

A simple politician’s lie and shrapnel’n missiles will eternally fly, that is the reality forced upon us. In a hellish place of searing heat, floating torn bodies in the Tigris, flaming oil and screams of the shattered there is a war on of our own hands, our own precious people in harm’s way, yet this utter catastrophe just on the other side of the Mediterranean might as well be on Pluto or in some fiction pulp for all our chattering media and political class care. Ignoring the war and what we have done, its mayhem on another continent, has worked so far in keeping this horror funded and ongoing all these years.

Mary Tillman is fifteen minutes from here somewhere, Cindy Sheehan sixty. Their souls are not on some other planet, this isn’t some video game or Clancy yarn, the evil and death of our doing shattered their lives, took their men from their families, lessened us all greatly, shamed us before our brother and sister nations, crushed Iraq into eternal spirals of pain, and left Mary and Cindy on a journey of living hell horrifying in its burdens right here, right now among us.


In this year of our Lord 2007 with the birthday of blessed baby Jesus upon us, war and mayhem from our hands staining the nation’s soul, millions suffering from a nation neglected and an incredible political choice to keep all the miser flowing along, what does the “flagship” “journalism” publication blare with all its might from its webpage? Baseball and consumerism. Yes, those who so snottily think they can decide what’s important to our country and people actually could give a fuck all, how could anyone conclude differently after what was published today?

It isn’t just the war being ignored, either, 30 years of adherence to the sick lying degrading stupidity of Jarvis and Reagan (the money kept coming in, nothing else was deemed to matter) the country is bleeding profusely from repeated stabs of long-term neglect, captured perfectly by a grieving American at the Democratic Underground last night:

“Imagine. Broken soldiers wandering around Walter Reed (hile some of their comrades start their third or fourth deployment) and we show our "support" by demanding tax cuts and displaying yellow ribbon magnets? But Democratic leaders think they need to enter a pissing contest? Are they kidding me? I`m supposed to be glued to my teevee to determine who goes to church most often? Who is the True Christian? Who is willing to kill the most people to keep me free? Who is willing to use a nuke? Great. Let homeless children pace the sidewalks while I listen to a debate on which churchgoer loves his/her family the most and which Jesus Lover is willing to bomb Iran…”

The country screams at their chattering media and political classes with record wrong track polling numbers that we know something has gone terribly with the United States of America, Jesus Christ is it thought that the growing long lines for food are not seen? That the stories of war wounded are not heard? That the utter misery and sickening pain we inflict upon American children with poverty and a lousy cheap education isn’t known?

What happens? Mona Satan's Handmaiden Charen and her psychotic cholos convince the President that howling disapproval is a freaking good thing, it means tough medicine is going down (this is a serious true story, Glenzilla wrote about it) while the Democrats are convinced ignoring the base is a great character trait too, are they influenced by those dirty fucking multiple orgasm smoking pot peace-lovin' hippies? Jesus save us, our brave leaders in DC are so earnest in proving they never will be, of course not.

Kevin wrote yesterday that he was puzzled at the intensity of negativity in Markos’s blistering scorn to our current Democratic candidates, who are in fact good people who can easily trounce any chump the pod people will pathetically run this year, that is very true, yes.

The issue is that almost all of the prominent candidates have obviously chosen cautious tepid semi-liberalism as their approach to the election--so far. There’s no call from any of them to really fight to end the war and take all of our people out of Iraq permanently, there’s no one on the writers guild lines in LA, our hungry cold children are god…damn…it never mentioned, somehow New Orleans never seems to be on their agenda, the list goes on, there’s just no perceived serious fight in our candidates to stop the worst of what Bush and the Republicans have done.

Markos Moulitsas is one of the country’s best liberal fighters, has been for a long time, and not only is the Democratic candidate field shadow-boxers our Congressional people are total nauseous losers to our most screaming problems. Markos knows the utter grim emergency the country is now in, pain for his people and impatience at not fighting was behind that post.

It’s behind all our frustrations around here. Right in the middle of it all the New York Times decides that this day will be another day of enabling with this sickening triviality of distraction. It’s a great reason why the country is in this incredible mess, and no, east coast propaganda enablers, it will not work forever, one day there will be peace in Iraq with all our sons and daughters home, no matter what you sickos tried to do.

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