Friday :: Dec 14, 2007

Kucinich Banned From Iowa Debate

by Jeff Dinelli

It was extremely disappointing that Dennis Kucinich was not allowed to attend yesterday's Iowa Democratic Candidates Debate. The official reason was that his state office is held out of a voter's house and he has not actually rented commercial real estate space to run things.

Alan Keyes, meanwhile, was allowed to participate in the Republican's debate.

The Des Moines Register's Lord of All Things Iowa, David Yepsen, wrote,

"On the plus side, minor candidates Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel were not invited to participate because they are not running credible campaigns in Iowa. The Republican debate suffered because Alan Keyes was invited to participate in that event and he became a sideshow. Keeping Kucinich and Gravel out of the Democratic debate left more time for the serious contenders and fewer distractions for the viewers."

Liberals are "distractions" to the democratic process, and therefore have no voice in national politics. Have a nice day.

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