Saturday :: Dec 15, 2007

The Unloading on Hillary Clinton

by eriposte

The Clinton campaign has unveiled a new website designed to show what the traditional media and much of the Reality Based CommunityTM seems to want to keep under wraps.

The Attack Timeline

This is good because it is an attempt to educate the public about how the "fun" really started. So, take a look at the Attack Timeline website, my own documentation of the character attacks against Sen. Clinton initiated by her top two opponents and my post yesterday (which, when you also consider in the context of Wyoming's John Millin's LTE yesterday, definitely suggests the likelihood of a coordinated and disgusting attempt by Sen. Obama's campaign to focus on President Bill Clinton's sex life).

After that, you can evaluate for yourself the alleged candor of Saint ObamaTM:

Obama's campaign staff, meanwhile, said he "rejects gratuitous, personal attacks as a weapon in politics."

Did I mention, Saint ObamaTM?

"...I told my staff that if I catch you guys doing any kind of stuff like this you're fired. Period."

"And I think what we need to do -- and I told this to senator Clinton yesterday -- is that we need to send a strong message to all of our surrogates and all of our staffs, that we don't play that..."

Ahhh, all those (not so) fired staffers (more here)!

Translation of Sen. Obama and his campaign:

War is peace*

No wonder his alleged anti-Iraq-war voting record looks the way it is and his alleged anti-Iran-war record looks the way it is.

*P.S. Never forget, though, that according to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Rulebook, the Orwellian Democratic candidate in this election in Senator Hillary Clinton.

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