Sunday :: Dec 16, 2007

Surprisingly Accurate Orwell in American Advertising

by paradox

Orwell has been used in Apple marketing before, it’s nothing new, but I was recently interested to see that it’s being used again, this time for some clothing brand commercial, with a penetrating accuracy that’s extremely rare in American advertising. I also probably think it’s more noteworthy with its focus on large female breasts, this is true, we are who we are.

But the focus is done correctly and with perfect accuracy to Orwell: humans are walking around in a cramped vast machine, soon to be spit out in perfect uniformity. As a man and a woman soon to wear the magical clothes that will allow them to escape the machine look semi-desperately for a way out, the scene focuses on the chest of one of the machine-women. Normal b cups magically swell to boisterous d cups in mere seconds, then the scene snaps away to another part of the machine.

That’s a precisely accurate representation to the pneumatic breast of 1984, swelling perfectly to a prescribed uniform plumpness. It’s scornful for the objectification of the female breast, and also connotes negativity to the larger female breast. Those two elements are also extremely rare for American advertising.

Melisa McEwan of Shakesville has a fascinating, insightful ongoing series of posts on the objectification of women in American advertising. I wish I knew her opinion of this ad, but I can’t even note the clothing brand in the commercial, I’ve only seen it, never heard it. It’s been on during football games and I have the sound off for the whole game, I don’t need it, I’ve never heard the brand namebehind this remarkably accurate Orwell.

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