Sunday :: Dec 16, 2007

Blog Writing Everyone Should Read

by paradox

I’ve written before how grateful I am to blogtopia for exposing me to the work of writers I would have otherwise never read, but I was remiss at the time not to back it up. It’s like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction, right, he hears from John Travolta how in Europe everything’s just a little bit different. “Example,” he says.

The Fantasy of Being Thin is perhaps the greatest work of personal history blog writing I have ever read in its compelling truth, story, wisdom, insights and prose. Thank you, Kate Harding.

Al Gore and the Alpha Girls, renowned work of the late Jim Capozzola, a fine man I still miss. This is a legendary post of political blogtopia, essential for those new to the scene and always good to be read again for those previously blessed with it.

Noble Neocons, yet another masterful work from Digby, this one chosen for its utmost relevance to current US politics and great linking to some of the best current political conversation in America.

The Rise of Pseudo Fascism by the incomparable David Neiwert of Orcinus. One must ratchet back time expectations there, it’s a place of invested study not to be rushed, but nothing could be more worth it with this famous work of blogtopia.

The Ultimate Bra Post, girly stuff, yes, but girly stuff enclosing the most fervently perfectly shaped objects in the universe with great writing and wisdom from a very, very good PhD blogger.

Battleship Blogging, another series, mostly for the boys this time. One of the few times I have been sorely upset with blogtopia occurred when I found this series by Robert Farley just as it was ending, reading the archive is never the same as real-time reading, but it is great blog writing all the same.

Finally I have Attack Poodles by the legendary blogger James Walcott of Vanity Fair. It’s a book, all right, but it is written by a blogger of masterful skill, knowledge and humor, and must-read and perfect holiday gift to anyone who reads political blogs.

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