Monday :: Dec 17, 2007

Will Sen. Edwards Create a Website Against Sen. Obama's "Politics of Planting"?

by eriposte

Let's just say, I'm not holding my breath since Sen. Edwards seems to believe Sen. Obama is not that far apart from him (seriously, Paul Krugman aside). Not to mention, such websites are only appropriate against the Evil Sen. Hillary Clinton.


ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill., received a very friendly question from a campaign volunteer at an official event -- a practice the campaign admits is not the norm.

Eighteen-year-old student Jim Mohler was called on by Obama during the question and answer section of a town hall in Estherville, Iowa, and asked, "Right now, as I understand it, the tax limit is $97,000 which means like the most anyone can pay on taxes is what they would pay on $97,000, but yet we have people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates that are making billions upon billions of dollars and are still paying taxes on $97,000 is anyway we can make them pay taxes on what they're making?"

Obama thoroughly answered Mohler, then commented, “Good question,” before moving on to another.

The question was very similar to an anecdote which Obama regularly recites on the campaign trail.

At a town hall in Independence, Iowa, on Sunday, just one day prior to Mohler's question, Obama told the crowd, "Everyone who make $97,000 a year or less, you are paying payroll tax on 100% of your income, now my friend, Warren Buffet, he made $46 million last year, he had an off year," before elaborating on how he intends to lift the cap on Social Security.

Remember, unlike Sen. Clinton's campaign, if the Saint ObamaTM campaign just asserts that this is not the norm, according to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Rulebook, it is not the norm!

Well, you knew this was coming.

Obama made the disclosure while working a crowd at Central High School here, after delivering an education policy speech. A man, Ralph Hoagland, asked Obama—who was mingling and shaking hands-- if Oprah was going to stump for Obama in New Hampshire.

“First she’s coming to Iowa,” Obama told Hoagland, who in 1963 was a co-founder of what is now the giant CVS pharmacy chain. “But we’ll talk about it. We’ll get her up here.”

Was it a planted question? Hoagland is "a member of Obama’s Northeast Steering Group, which is heavily involved in fund-raising. He hopes to bundle together $100,000 for Obama..."

No story here guys. I am sure the media should just leave them alone to continue spreading the Politics of Hope, Optimism and ChangeTM.

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