Monday :: Dec 17, 2007

Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

by Turkana

Much is being made of the breaking story that Senator Dodd's filibuster threat has pushed Senator Reid into delaying the final FISA vote until after the holidays. Certainly, that's an improvement over Congress's having rushed to pass the last FISA Deform bill, just before the August recess.

As Glenn Greenwald puts it:

Whatever else is true, Chris Dodd took a principled stand today, sacrificing his presidential campaign and alienating his long-time colleagues to do so, and he won. He demonstrated what "leadership" is in action, rather than "rhetoric." Acts of that kind on our national political stage are rare indeed.

I'm less sanguine than Greenwald and others about what this means. It's just a delay, not a victory. Even so, Senator Dodd deserves our thanks. Demonstrations of genuine leadership are, indeed, all too rare, these days.

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