Tuesday :: Dec 18, 2007

Open Thread

by Mary

The Bush DOJ has been focused like a laser on vote fraud. Interestingly, within one hour I've listened to two programs where it's evident that the real voting fraud was corrupt officials in charge of the voting process and the voting machines.

Alabama: Scott Horton links an interview with Alabama ex-Governor political prisoner, Donald Seigelman, who discusses the mysterious move of several thousand of votes for him on election night to his opponent the next day which no one can explain because voting machines don't suddenly just flip thousands of votes for fun. Today Siegelman is in jail for 7 years because Karl Rove decided to take him out.

Ohio: Amy Goodman talked with Harvey Wasserman about the report that the new Ohio Secretary of State released which found that during the 2004 election the Ohio voting systems were riddled with "critical security failures." Somehow during the 2004 election, the exit polls were 6.7% off the reported votes. And now we find out the voting systems that were being used could "easily" be flipped, even with a Blackberry. But because 56 out of the 88 counties destroyed their ballots before they could be reviewed by outside auditors, despite being told they must preserve them, we'll never have documentary proof.

However, I know you will be happy to know that after his defeat last year for Governor of Ohio, the previous Secretary of State, Kenneth Blackwell, has found a job running a multi-million dollar media organization about to benefit from the ruling that FCC chairman Kevin Martin is about to make despite the protests of millions of Americans. Sure makes one proud to see how those who flout the law pay for their transgressions, right?

Don't forget to register your protest about Kevin Martin's ramming through a rule allowing large media players to consolidate even more. Yet one more of Bush's arrogant appointees deciding he knows better than anyone else. It must be so nice to have such surety.

This is an open thread.

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