Tuesday :: Dec 18, 2007

Chris Dodd for President

by Turkana

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The blogosphere is abuzz with praise for Senator Chris Dodd.


The Republicans also acted like asses, as usual, which may have soured some of the Democrats who were trying to give them everything they wanted and yet they wouldn't take yes for an answer.

Whatever the case, while the "Lieberman for Lieberman" senator from Connecticut may have spent the day preening all over the television shilling for war and Republicans, the Democratic senator from Connecticut, Chris Dodd, was acting like a patriot.

Glenn Greenwald:

Whatever else is true, Chris Dodd took a principled stand today, sacrificing his presidential campaign and alienating his long-time colleagues to do so, and he won. He demonstrated what "leadership" is in action, rather than "rhetoric." Acts of that kind on our national political stage are rare indeed.

Jane Hamsher

Chris Dodd showed tremendous leadership. He stood by his principles and wouldn't back down, even in the face of opposition from members of his own party who were in the tank for the telecos and the Bush Administration.

Well played, Senator Dodd.


And while you're at it, a few thanks yous are in order. Kudos to the Senators, including Boxer, Kennedy, Wyden, Brown, Feingold and Bill Nelson for engaging with Dodd on the floor on this issue, showing their willingness to stand with him and help in the filibuster, and to Reid for listening to us.

But most importantly, thank you Senator Dodd.

Yet no one is saying the obvious: Senator Dodd is running for president. He is an imperfect candidate, and he is imperfect on some important issues, but on the most important issues, he is not just talking, he is leading. To fight global warming, he's calling for a corporate carbon tax. He wants to defund and end the Iraq War. He not only opposed Kyl-Lieberman, he managed to prove it by showing up and voting. And now, FISA.

Yesterday, at Daily Kos, diarist Hesiod wrote a fine, Rec List diary supporting Senator Dodd for Majority Leader. That's a great call, and it could actually come to pass. But it's not enough. The leadership Senator Dodd has shown deserves more than that. The leadership Senator Dodd has shown deserves our support for him to be president.

Everyone says we should thank Senator Dodd for his leadership in blocking the FISA bill, and telecom immunity, yet no one is mentioning the best way to do it: support his candidacy for the presidency. I've been undecided, waiting for Gore, wavering between Governor Richardson and Senator Edwards as backup, then adding Senator Dodd to the mix, in the last few months, before finally realizing, a month or so ago, that the backup was going to have to be my real choice.

Realistically, by the time I vote, in late May, Senator Dodd will no longer be in the race. I hope at least one of my favorites still will be. But Senator Dodd is in the race, now. To be fair, neither Senator Edwards nor Governor Richardson is in the position to demonstrate the leadership Senator Dodd has, but Senator Dodd is and he has. The other candidate senators have followed Senator Dodd's lead, which is great, but it is Senator Dodd who has been leading.

We all talk a lot about wanting real leadership; well, here it is, staring us in the face. Do we have the intelligence and courage to recognize it and support it? Against all odds. Against common sense. Senator Dodd has no chance, unless enough Democrats suddenly, collectively decide that he deserves a chance. Not because he has the most money. Not because he has the most endorsements. Not because celebrities love him. Senator Dodd deserves to be president because Senator Dodd is showing the most leadership on the most important issues. Senator Chris Dodd has earned the presidency.

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