Wednesday :: Dec 19, 2007

Bookmark these pages. You might need them.

by Turkana

John Perr has compiled two terrific lists detailing the dangerously extreme beliefs and behaviors of current Republican frontrunner, Mike Huckabee. This is a candidacy that seems destined for imminent implosion, but never underestimate the Republicans' ability to promote to the top the worst of all possible candidates. Keep these lists handy, just in case.

I've blockquoted the outlines, but Perr provides well-sourced, detailed explanations for each.

Top 10 Moments in Mike Huckabee's extremism:

1. Huckabee Calls for the Quarantine of AIDS Victims

2. Huckabee Enables the Politically-Motivated Parole of Repeat Rapist/Murderer

3. Huckabee Offers Faith-Based Pardons

4. Huckabee Undermines the Teaching of Evolution

5. Huckabee Speaks for God

6. Huckabee Speaks to God

7. Huckabee Claims God Behind His Rise in the Polls

8. Huckabee Proclaims His Theology Degree a Unique Qualification to Fight Terrorism

9. Huckabee Flip-Flops, Calls for Federal Abortion Ban

10. Huckabee Calls for Consumption Tax, Abolition of the IRS

10 More Moments in Mike Huckabee's Extremism:

11. Huckabee Vows to Take Nation Back for Christ

12. Huckabee Declares Culture War in 1998 Book

13. Huckabee Declares Women Should Graciously Submit to Their Husbands

14. Huckabee Predicts Victory over Islam at the End of Times

15. Huckabee Boasts About Theology Degree He Doesn't Have

16. Huckabee Destroys His State Computer Records - and Church Sermons

17. Huckabee Offers State Appointments in Exchange for Gifts

18. Huckabee Uses Wedding Registries to Furnish New Home

19. Huckabee Offers Clemency to Repeat DWI Offender (and GOP Donor)

20. Huckabee Intervenes to Save Dog-Killing Son from Legal Jeopardy

Frightened? Did I mention that this man is the current frontrunner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination?

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