Thursday :: Dec 20, 2007

UPDATE: This is starting to look serious!

by Turkana

Huffington Post:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel have been conducting regular, private phone conversations over the past few months in an effort to "feel each other out" for a possible presidential run, sources have told the Huffington Post.

The development feeds speculation that the two men could mount a third-party White House ticket. And while the maverick Republican and the independent mayor have met in the past, the ongoing conversations provide the clearest indication yet that they are considering such a move.

Sources with knowledge of the conversations say they are done in private, and so the topics of discussion remain unclear. But one high-ranking aide confirmed that the two have discussed Hagel joining the presidential campaign should Bloomberg decide to run.

On top of my earlier post, this is not looking good. The media will portrary Bloomberg as a moderate. Hagel is against the war. If people are overlooking Ron Paul's bigotry and general extremism, because of his opposition to the war, they'll give Hagel even more of a pass. He is, after all, at least coherent. A cookie-cutter social conservative, but well-spoken and seemingly reasonable.

A Bloomberg-Hagel ticket would be much more damaging to the Democrats than to the Republicans. It's time to start researching anything and everything about both Bloomberg and Hagel.

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