Friday :: Dec 21, 2007

Way To Go, American Airlines Industry

by paradox

I’ve been a pain in the ass to the Netroots Nation folks trying to get answers they don’t have yet so I can get the convention booking off my list, it’s cheaper and on location if done now. After reading Hullabaloo last night it’s a relief to forget about airline reservations, I’m driving. I hate our airports soaked in fear, stripped of rights, invasively humiliating, hulking armed official goons who do the Nazis proud horribly abusing plain people just traveling.

I’ll hit the road with two other Kossarians who like to drive, two seats in the front, always a bunk in the back in the F-150, free gas, beauty. Maybe we’ll go for it in Las Vegas, maybe we won’t. Not an acid bus on a trip of wild love in the land of the free, no, but it will still be a worthy journey, no doubt.

Utah is my outer boundary for road travel for the United States in California here, anything inside that arc and I drive. I dread the day I have to buy flying tickets again; last night was a moment of clarity, our airports have regressed so much they should be avoided at all costs for simple self-preservation, let alone a principled stand of behavior against the body and luggage searches, the cameras, the clothes strips, the chains, the dogs, the scanners, the bars, the unfeeling cruelty of vicious officially uniformed creeps who’d bash your skull in if they thought they could get away with it.

It’s a process, deviation was defined down, fear and war is deliberately inflicted on Americans by its leadership, the media won’t report the truth, humans naturally follow authority and are absurdly easy to manipulate, Americans work too hard and don’t have the energy to fight back. All of these are possible personal citizen explanations for how our airports turned into such flaming hells of human abuse, but I don’t think they’re relevant to the airline industry itself, they are intimate shepherds of the flying experience and they’ve just stood there.

It's an outrage the industry didn’t fiercely fight back when Reagan busted the air traffic controllers union, everyone’s safety is still compromised by that deadly decision, but holy Jesus flying has become a hell of human regression and they’ve just stood there, New American Authoritarians will look you straight in the face in LA and tell you you’re not in the United States, hand over the money and fly, chump, the constitution doesn’t live here.

The American airline industry decided money was more important to them than the rights of Americans, even though they’re Americans themselves, in their one only time with the country they’ll even shred the constitution, they really will. They’re never getting a dime of my money for that decision unless I absolutely have to do it.

I don’t care if it’s tilting at windmills, don’t care if it would never effect airline profits, don’t care if it would never make a difference in a million years. I’m happy living according to principle and doing my duty. Eat me, Southwest.

It’s a huge relief to feel free and like an American again knowing I’m driving to Texas, very nice to look forward to the whole experience positively instead of dreading to fly.

I’m really looking forward to Netroots Nation, too, they’ll find something for me to do and I’ll work most of the time, I don’t care. I’m not a joiner sort of dude, never have been, and at least this way I’m certain I can contribute to the community instead of lurking, wondering why I’ve never felt comfortable among the bright happy successful people.

Then a long drive home with happy chatter for a great unique experience for all of us, an America as it used to be, free and open, no goons, chains or searches anywhere.

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