Friday :: Dec 21, 2007

Richardson All Wrong About Hillary's Iraq Position

by Jeff Dinelli

What's up with Bill Richardson accusing Hillary of flip-flopping on Iraq?

"Senator Clinton's statement that we could 'certainly get all the troops out within a year' is a stunning flip-flop from what she has been saying all along. She consistently has called for leaving troops in Iraq to fight al-Qaida, train Iraqis, and protect U.S. assets. Has that suddenly been abandoned? If so, why has she changed her mind?"

Where did that come from? She never said she'd have our troops out within a year. And it's not like the Richardson campaign had to go back a long time to research this. The New York Times quoted her just yesterday:

"I think we can bring home one to two combat brigades a month," she said. "I think we can bring nearly everybody home, you know, certainly within a year if we keep at it and do it very steadily."

Senator Clinton has been talking about this plan to remove 1-2 brigades a month throughout this campaign. The plan would get the troops out of there in about a year, by the way. Here she is during the YouTube debate back in July:

"You know, I put forth a comprehensive three-point plan to get our troops out of Iraq, and it does start with moving them out as soon as possible. But Joe is right… I have done extensive work on this. And the best estimate is that we can probably move a brigade a month, if we really accelerate it, maybe a brigade and a half or two a month."

And as far as leaving troops behind, Hillary has been consistent in predicting we'd need to leave only a small number of troops in the area, and for a set, short amount of time. Here she is during a event way back in April:

"Well, my goal is to end the war when I'm President, and to bring our troops home, but as has been stated in the provision passed by both the Democratic House and the Democratic Senate, we do envision a vastly reduced residual force to remain for some limited period of time…"

How has she voted? Here's two occasions where she voted to redeploy most of our forces within a year.

So, again, Gov. Richardson, what's up with this mischaracterization? You've got it way wrong, Man.

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