Thursday :: Dec 27, 2007

Axelrod Way Out Of Line In Bhutto Remarks

by Jeff Dinelli

I'm gonna go ahead and add to Big Tent Democrat's remarks on Talk Left and call Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod an outrageously creepy prick for essentially blaming Hillary Clinton for the Bhutto assassination.

Bhutto’s death will “call into issue the judgment: who’s made the right judgments,” [Obama campaign manager David] Axelrod said. “Obviously, one of the reasons that Pakistan is in the distress that it’s in is because al-Qaeda is resurgent, has become more powerful within that country and that’s a consequence of us taking the eye off the ball and making the wrong judgment in going into Iraq. That’s a serious difference between these candidates and I’m sure that people will take that into consideration.” . . . “She was a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, which we would submit, was one of the reasons why we were diverted from Afghanistan, Pakistan and al-Qaeda, who may have been players in this event today, so that’s a judgment she’ll have to defend,” Axelrod said.

What do Pakistan's resources have to do with Iraq, how exactly does he tie the two countries? Hasn't Obama voted right along with Hillary to fund that war, anyway? Does that mean he and every other senator who voted for Iraq funding has a hand in the murder as well? Is Axelrod taking the wrong kind of medication or what? This is unbelievable to me, politicizing this tragedy in such a callous way.

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